Urban Dhaba – Milton Keynes

A new Indian restaurant opens in Central Milton Keynes. Is it worth a closer look? Read about my visit…


Urban Dhaba recently opened at The Food Centre in Central Milton Keynes. Not sure where? It’s found right next to where Bar Central and Waitrose used to be. Now I’m showing my age here…

A place of has-beens and past memories. If you asked me to name what businesses are inside The Food Centre nowadays, I would struggle. But, hey. When it comes to decent food, location means zilch (erm, Mii & U). So I wasn’t to be put off by location and was more hungry than anything else.

One rainy and cold summers night in June, Mr LouBou and I joined a few foodie friends, Jo, Chris and Steven, ready to see what Urban Dhaba had in store for us.


We all dived into an introductory nibble of poppadoms and dips whilst the owner Manish talked us through the menu, proudly telling us that Urban Dhaba wasn’t your standard curry house. He used the word authentic when describing the food and when looking through the menu we were all ears as we ooh and ahh’d over dishes we had never heard of.



For starters we were treated to what felt like the entire appetisers menu and chef’s specialities to get our teeth into. Including prawns, kebabs, chilli chicken, battered cod fish and paneer.

They were all cooked excellently (I sound like Bill & Ted!) and full of flavour. Some of them were so spicy that they were only for the extremely brave (I am not a lover of the extra spicy so left that to the spice nuts) but everything I could handle, tasted amazing.








The waiters are there to help you choose from the menu, especially if you get confused with the lack of recognisable dishes. Don’t get put off though if you’re a die-hard Korma fan, they will be happy to recommend what dishes they think you would go nuts for.

Onto our main courses, we were treated to this beautiful Lobster Tail Curry (below).


And this even more beautiful Nalli Nihari (below). Lamb shank and marrow in the most beautiful, rich sauce. Not only tasty but another good-looking dish too. How hard is it usually to make curry look pretty!?


I was excited that most of the dishes were completely new to me. How refreshing to have avoided being served neon red dishes that are 80% coconut milk and not much else. The guilt of many a Brit-aimed Indian restaurant.


Look at the buttery bread basket (above)! Bread with an Indian meal is always such indulgence for me. I mean there’s always rice on my plate too! Rice and bread soaking up all those juices. Nom, nom, nom!



I’m not too accustomed to Indian desserts, I’m usually too stuffed from the starters and main courses to even contemplate pudding. I had my arm twisted and had a try of this bright pink one. It’s called Rose Shrikhand. A rose flavoured yogurt pudding. I have to say, it tastes much better than my photo makes it look.


Then the meal was rounded off with a small glass of Indian Masala Chai. Not my usual hot black tea but a good way to finish the meal and head off home in the dark and rain.


Thanks for having us Urban Dhaba. Not your average curry house but that is something to be celebrated. I can’t wait to come back!

Date of visit: 27.06.2017
Urban Dhaba, The Food Centre
706 Midsummer Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes MK9 3NT
01908 921800