Ward 21, stuck facedown on the sofa and living in a house, a very big house in the country…

About three weeks ago, I was innocently standing in the bathroom with my 3 year old pre-schooler, Half Pint and my 8 month old, Squishee. Something not out the ordinary happened and I had to turn quickly to the side and scoop up Squishee to save him from impending doom and in the space of a couple of milliseconds I felt (and heard, ew) something pop in the middle of my back and before I knew it, I had saved Squish but I was on the floor and unable to get back up again.

A few awkward crawls to my bed, ton of painkillers and rest, I thought I was surely going to be ok, until I realised I couldn’t get out of bed. Even with help. I just couldn’t bear any weight on my legs at all, the pain was excruciating. My legs were pretty much completely numb, except a weird buzzing and burning feeling, like I had my legs in a bucket of really hot water but couldn’t feel the water properly on my skin.

A call to 111 was made as I started freaking out that I couldn’t get up and moving had me screaming in pain. They advised they were going to send out an ambulance crew to check on me, my back etc. They arrived within five minutes (so fast!) and then after a quick assessment and the paramedics, seeing I couldn’t move or walk, they got me on mucho drugs, gas and air and before I knew it, I was in an ambulance, blue lighting it to Milton Keynes University Hospital.

The next few hours go past in a blur of drugs and agony. FYI- I finally got over my fear of diazepam (I was so scared of it before but it’s not that bad if you really need it) AND gas and air makes you feel dopey as hell! Taking all the above with a load of morphine and codeine leaves you not knowing what day of the week it is, neither do you care.

With the docs saying I had a slipped disc I was admitted to Ward 21 from A&E so that the Orthopaedic team could check on my spine and all get a drug plan in place to keep me from being in agony.


Cue many days of being off my face on some hard drug cocktails and not much sleep or food at all (opioids took away my appetite completely). I must say though, the staff on Ward 21 were truly amazing, so hardworking and extremely caring. I cannot be more thankful for what they did for me.  They made sure I was comfortable and the pain was under control, so I could regain my mobility fast and get back to my family.


Five days later and thankfully I was out, with a sackful of decent drugs to help me manage the pain. I left the hospital on the same day the whole family and I were due to go stay in the country for two weeks. My poor Mr LouBou had thrown most of our things together and I didn’t even get to go home properly!


This was home for two weeks (above) and what better place for recuperation?! At the beginning, I did keep getting myself stuck in funny positions, like facedown on the sofa but slowly, I started to see a huge improvement in my mobility.


With the help of a chiropractor, lots of painkillers and also a drug commonly used to treat epilepsy, which stops the brain from feeling the pain from the nerves that were in overdrive, I started to move more like myself again. For the last few days I even managed to do some gentle dog walking. It felt so good to get back out outside in the fresh air and feeling like I could move around on my own without constant agony was so liberating. I do have to be so careful of overdoing it, sitting too long in one position, standing too long on the spot and definitely no heavy lifting (which is agonising hard for a mum!) but I have seen such progress in the past three weeks that I can’t complain.


During our stay, our beautiful holiday neighbour delivered us the most tasty treats (above). That’s nice, you say, but when they’re from Claire Clark (Claire recently opened the Claire Clark Academy; Centre for Patisserie Excellence at MK college) we nearly drooled all over her, look at them! Thanks, Claire.


Being laid up does have it’s perks too. I managed to read Paper Towns by John Green, which I have wanted to read for ages (it’s great and now I can finally see the film!) and I started Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut, which was recommended to me from my biggest muse and most favourite friend, Schaff (also a massive thanks to him for keeping my mind engaged during all the crazy drug trips in hospital, I would’ve lost my mind without you – mostly).



Two weeks did feel like it flew by and then it was time to say bye-bye to the big country house and come back home. This weekend has been spent busily (yet, carefully) trying to get my family’s life back in some kind of order after three weeks of not being here. I did manage to visit intu for their bloggers event for AW17 on Friday night (yassss) and the MK Food Fest at Great Linford on Saturday (yummmm) and even managed a dinner out tonight to Byron in the centre:mk with my family (niiiice). So things aren’t all bad!


So, what a crazy past month! I feel like I am nearly there though, more chiropractor visits, medication and physio are on my to-do/take/stuff list but I am home and ready to tackle it all, day by day.

Thanks for reading!

Love, LouBou ❤️