The Brasserie at Milton Keynes College Launch Night

I go and see what’s new and tasty at the AA College Rosette winning The Brasserie at Milton Keynes College


It has been a busy ol’ time in the Hospitality & Catering department at Milton Keynes college recently. From the opening and initiation of the Clark Clark Academy; Centre of Patisserie Excellence, to the college’s in-house professional restaurant The Brasserie receiving the prestigious AA College Rosette: Highly Commended Award and then, a total refurbishment and refit of The Brasserie over the summer holidays.


I recently got a sneaky peek of The Brasserie’s new decor when I attended the Clark Clark Academy for an Italian Bread course with Great British Bake Off star, Paul Jagger, but couldn’t wait to see it twinkling and fully dressed at their special launch night dinner, which I was super lucky enough to receive an invitation to. No idea who writes these guest lists but my belly is so thankful to be included!


It’s hard to believe these photos are of a restaurant that’s situated within the Bletchley campus of MK college. It’s decor is super stylish and modern. I love the use of brown leather, dark woods, dark teal paint and bright copper accents.






I am a sucker for a utensil used as dining decor (above).


That’s my place setting!



This was the launch night menu that I was treated to (below).


I opted for the Wild Mushroom Gnocchi and the Tiramisu. My table dinner guest, Steven Dryden-Hall from the MK Food & Leisure Awards chose the Beef Rib and my other table guest, Spencer Ollington, local private chef choose the Beef Rib and the Rice Pudding. In true foodie fashion, we all agreed to share our food so that we’d get a chance to get our teeth into it all. Thanks guys!



Look at the cute glass jar (above) that was filled with butter cubes for the plank of bread we busied ourselves with whilst the chefs started whipping up our orders.

There is a live webcam linked to a large screen TV in The Brasserie, so you can watch the chefs working away in the kitchen. It’s a lot of fun watching them busy themselves cooking and plating up.


A lovely surprise to start was this amuse bouche. Pumpkin Velouté with feta and pumpkin seeds.

Velouté translates as velvety don’t you know. That is all the description of this miniature-sized dish needs. Delicious.


As I mentioned, I was lucky enough to get my teeth into both main courses. The Beef Rib (below) was melt in the mouth and so flavoursome.


The Wild Mushroom Gnocchi (below) was moreish. Both dishes perfect for the Autumn season. Cosy decadence is back on the menu as our tummies are getting ready to eat our way into the warmth and snuggles that is needed when winter is nearly knocking.


For dessert, the Rice Pudding with raspberry sorbet and popcorn (below).


And the dessert that got me nearly picking up the plate and licking it clean, Tiramisu (below).



After we had finished our meal we were treated to a piece of fudge too!


I hope this post has opened a few eyes about what happens at The Brasserie at Milton Keynes College. I am knocked sideways by the level that these young chefs are cooking at. They aren’t just flipping burgers and being told what to cook, they are part of the restaurant, devising dishes, trying new ideas and excited to showcase what they can do. None of that would be possible without the devoted team that guide, teach, mentor and support the students who learn and work there. People like Head of school, Maria Bowness, Apprentice Trainer for Hospital & Catering, Tony Oxley, Front of House, Sarah King and many, many more people.

So, next time you are umming about where to go out and eat in Milton Keynes. For superior nosh, lovely surroundings and very, very decent prices, why not try out the gem that is The Brasserie.


And if you’ve already decided to visit, here’s the current menu for you to cast your eyes over…


Thanks for having me The Brasserie!