Last minute Christmas Gift Inspo from JD Sports MK1


Look at my fave picks at the brand new JD Sports at MK1 Shopping


Btw have you seen the brand new JD Sports at MK1 Shopping Park yet?!


In the units that were being built at the back of the carpark between M&S and the restaurant strip is where the JD Sports I speaketh of is found.

Amongst the existing fashion brands at MK1, there was definitely a hole which needed some sort of sports/leisure fashion and specifically, footwear. JD Sports sprung up before I even realised it! Sneaky work MK1 brains, bravo.


So hello new shop at MK1 👋🏻


Now let’s check out what’s catching my eye for the whole LouBou clan just in time for Xmas 🎄

Starting with…

Da Squishee (boy, nearly 12 months)

adidas Originals Nizza Lo Infant // WHITE // £30.00


Squishee is nearly 12 months old and is on his feet most of the time now. He might not be walking unaided but he’s walking around furniture, holding hands and anything else he can get his mitts on to help him tottle about. I fell for these white adidas beauts not just because they’re pretty but (listen up shoe putter on-ers) because these are the easiest toddler trainers to get on those tiny and fiddly feet. But they’re darn pretty too. 😉




adidas Originals Trefoil Series Suit Infant // £45.00


Who knew I was a sucker for a matching tracksuit? I didn’t until my eyes landed on this teenie tiny adidas one. It’s so cute on the hanger and I know Squishee would rock it so hard. If Squishee had been under 12 months I would say this tracksuit is a bit on the pricey side but now his size range covers 6 months, I’m letting it slide at £45.00 for a toddler outfit (don’t faint Mr LouBou – it’ll last ages!).


Original Half Pint (boy, 3 years)

Nike Premier League Strike Ball // £22.00


What more does a three old want more than something that encourages their love of constantly moving? A football seems the perfect choice for our energetic Half Pint. Something that we can take up the park, kick about the garden (definitely not the house!  I’m looking at you Mr LouBou 🙄).



Mr LouBou (geezer, 30, avoids gyms)

Nike Shut Out 2 Woven Hoodie // £55.00


His clothes could be falling apart at the seams but Mr LouBou will still keep trying to wear them until they literally disintegrate around him. I would love to see him in something not only new but maybe slightly different than his standard black cotton hoodie. Mr LouBou’s is usually stuck in a Nike one anyways so maybe he won’t notice the change too much?


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi // Black // £55.00


He doesn’t know this (yet) but one of my secret giggles is wanting Mr Loubou to be in the same kicks as me. I am superglued inside my black hi-tops but Mr LouBou is superglued inside his Vans. Would he get his big clumpy feet inside these? Maybe if he unwrapped them? 🤔


MEEEEEEEE! (34, a lady, who’s Jim?)

The North Face Bones Beanie Hat // Black // £20.00


In the winter, beanie hats are fantastic for protecting my hair from the wind but still letting me wear my hair loose and wild. I slipped this hat on in store and instantly fell in love. You know when a hat just is cut for your head? Rare times, right? This one feels like it’s made for me and is super flattering. Please read this Mr LouBou!



Nike All Over Print Futura Leggings // £32.00


Even though I repel going inside a gym, I actually enjoy going for jogs (runs, in the loosest and most amateur sense of the word) and leggings are my must-have for being comfortable. I love these loud slogan Nike leggings. Perhaps the biggest reason is the waistband that reads Just Do It when you roll it down. LOVE.


So that’s the end of my picks (for now at least, let’s not make Mr LouBou sweat too much before his Christmas dinner). What would you choose? What have I missed? I’d love to hear!