Miracle on Wellingborough Road

Finding a super-friendly craft beer shop, attending the VIP launch of Heavenly Desserts, discovering British tapas AND THE BIGGEST MIRACLE! All in one visit to the Wellingborough Road

Happy 2018 everyone!

I can’t believe it’s January (don’t we all say that?). December disappeared faster than a box of Lindt balls and here we are- my first blog of the year. The year is off to a bang, albeit a slow one. I mean, January is over halfway through, my tax return still needs filing* and this blog is all about what I got up to, one day in December 😂 but I at least showed up, that counts for something?

*Ok, it’s filed but I still gotta pay the tax! T-minus 6 days to go. I know how to live excitedly huh?

Anyways, hello 2018. Hello you lot. How are ya? I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Thanks for sticking with me. What can you expect from me for 2018? No idea, but I promise you there will be something. Something.

But first, back to December we go.

Date: Sometime.
Weather: Freezing.
Mood: Hungry.

I was invited over to sample the desserts at a brand new restaurant to the Wellingborough Road in Northampton called Heavenly Desserts (229-231 Welly Rd). Yeah, outside of Milton Keynes. Scary stuff. So I decided to grab my friend Clare, a train timetable and make a proper trip out of it.

I met Clare at Milton Keynes train station. I was late, of course, and we had to run from the station to the platform.


When we sat down on the train, what does Clare whip out of her handbag?! Only M&S tapas-style nibbles and an individual bottle of wine each. 😂😍 It was a great fifteen minute nibble and glug-mini picnic all the way to Northampton.

Do you know Northampton? It’s quite a walk between Northampton train station and the bustling Wellingborough Road and there was no way I fancied it in the freezing cold. So, into a black cab at N’ton station we jumped.

We arrived at Heavenly Desserts an hour or so early for our 4pm booking but when we got out of the taxi both Clare and I spotted the craft beer shop next-door at the same time and after one look at each other, we were inside.


Inside the Beer Guerrilla (227 Welly Road). I tried a glass of the Lervig Orange Velvet IPA. It was pretty tasty. It was when I went to take a photograph of inside Beer Guerrilla that I realised my Canon DSLR was not with me and must be still inside the black cab. ARGH! ****! ******* ****!


I sent a message to Mr LouBou and he was on the case, trying to find phone numbers to try and locate what taxi I had been in, but it felt a fruitless cause. I was pretty resigned that my camera had gone for good. Major freaking happy Christmas to me, d’oh!

Beer finished. Pain of losing my camera was being numbed slightly. It was time to go next-door to Heavenly Desserts. I couldn’t have needed sugary comfort food more.


This brand new dessert restaurant is h-u-g-e. Tons of seating. Lots of space. It’s decorated very stylishly and feels upmarket with it’s neutral decor, velvety accents and large comfortable booths.



Instead of tackifying (yeah, I made up that word and I like it) our love of puddings, desserts and sweet things, which is so easy to do, this place puts a kinda-luxurious twist on sinful eatings.



ICE CREAM FLAVOURS MUCH?! Look how many! (Below).


It can be hard to find much more than whippy-style varieties with sprinkles but this counter just made me feel like a kid again, when ice cream was more exciting than just a few broken smarties on top.

Then there was a patisserie counter with puddings, cakes and bakes on display. This is exactly how food should be presented, so we can shop for our treats with our eyes. I think it wasn’t as full as it would be on a normal day because Heavenly Desserts wasn’t officially open to the public yet on my visit.


This place was winning. I even bumped into my fellow Lushie and fashion blogger, Vicky from The Powderpuff Room. We joined tables with her and her lovely friend James, making a very cheerful foursome ready for dessert heaven.

My only teenie complaint is the menu. Is it ever daunting much!? It’s a 50 page, A4 landscape, faux leather bound, metal corned, dessert portfolio. It’s HUGE! Too big. Too many pages of desserts. I didn’t know where to start and I fear the size of cuppa needed for me to read it in it’s entirety could drown me.

For this visit at least, I was saved. We were being treated to tasters from across the whole menu without me needing to get my reading and choosing in a tizz.

Here’s what was introduced to us…





Strawberries, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce WAFFLES.

Size of dem waffles. 😍 Really tasty too.


Fresh fruit smoothies.


Strawberry, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream CREPES.


More delicious drinks, this time. Cup of cheerfulness!


Artisan French cake slices (probably found on page 1205 of 104829)

Oh and why pick one kind of cake? When you can…


Have them ALL!



And finally WARM cookie dough and ice-cream.




Never in a million years would I have been able to get my fork into so many desserts in one night, so thanks Heavenly Desserts for spoiling me rotten. Your desserts are delicious, as are your surroundings. I look forward to coming back to you soon, but next time, I might have to let the waitress pick out of that huge menu for me. 😂

Then something incredible happened.

As I neared the end of my time in Heavenly Desserts. I saw a member of staff and a lady walking towards me, clearly looking for someone and the lady had something for me…


It was the taxi driver! A lady called Renate, who spotted my camera in the back of her cab and had been on the phone trying to get through to Heavenly Desserts to see if I was still in there. Heavenly Desserts being not officially open yet, weren’t taking phone calls. When Renate couldn’t get through, she thought, why not go down there and see if I was around, and I was!


Renate (pictured above).

I can’t thank this lady enough. I hope if you are travelling in cab around Northampton, you are lucky enough to get into Renate’s cab.


Then a very happy Lou (and Clare) just had to go back next door for a celebration drink (or two).

It was in there where we were discussing that although we had well and truly filled our pudding holes, our dinner holes were still craving something. Something savoury.



We got about talking with a few of the other patrons on where was recommended to eat and within a close walking distance. Everyone recommended a restaurant called Bread and Pullet. A British tapas restaurant, we were told. What’s one of them? Mini plates of chips? Small plates of sausages? Yeah, that’s pretty much it. How amazing does that actually sound?

With the proximity and the menu both hitting the mark, we drunk up and scooted our bums down to the Bread and Pullet.


This this silhouette map of Northamptonshire is showcasing their local suppliers. What a great idea.



From craft beer to… fizz!


..and gin!


Crispy Pork Puffs (above).


Scotch Egg (above).


Cauliflower Cheese (above).


Pigs in Blankets (above) – these were amazing!


Bubble & Squeak (above).


Yorkshire pudding (above) – photo is questionable but this was one of the best yorkies I’ve had the pleasure of in a restaurant.


Then it was time to gobble down the sweets that came with the bill. Jump into another cab, this time with my camera superglued in my arms, and head back to Northampton train station to make our way home to Milton Keynes.

It might’ve all taken place on just a small spot on the Welly Road but it was a great adventure for this MK girl. I’ll be back Northampton!