BREAKING NEWS: Milton Keynes City status plans scrapped due to Brexit

Years of fighting for City status dashed for good when Brexit hits next year

There was always going to be inevitable change in post-Brexit UK, but perhaps for the residents of Milton Keynes, this was the last thing they thought could possibly go wrong.


When Brexit deals are finalised next year, Milton Keynes will be kissing au revoir to more than just red passports. Hopes of finally achieving the coveted ‘CITY’ status, which have lasted decades, will end with a brutal NO, and Milton Keynes will face the further and frankly embarrassing wrath of the EU by also losing its ‘TOWN’ status.


This is all down to the UK having to adhere to strict EU policies, namely the ones reserved for being a European country outside of the EU. Article 01.04 part. D states there is a strict limit to the number of towns and cities that the UK can house and sadly for Milton Keynes, it’s the case of last in, first out.



When the Brexit alarm clock rings in 2019 Milton Keynes will be transported back in time to 1967 and will be known as it’s original lands-kin name¬†Milton Keynes Village.


Local resident and future village resident,¬†Lady Spar Folio of Neath Hill spoke to news agencies; “I honestly thought Brexit was going to be bad enough, no more cheap booze cruises to Calais, but to label us as village people too, its a joke! Something must be done about it. Where’s the council when we need them?”



What do you make of today’s news?

  • Will bus services be reduced to village timetables?

  • Will national chains up-sticks and move their businesses out the village?

  • Will MK Village People ever get taken seriously again?