Girl, Interrupted – Susanna Kaysen

Susanna Kaysen’s memoir covering her time at McLean Hospital being treated for depression as a teenager. Being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and life on the ward she stayed on.


Kaysen is probably seen as self involved or troublesome, egotistical or narcissistic and self afflicted by some of the people in the world, by those around her, I know that feeling cos it’s me. But that voice, her voice. She holds it so calmly, there’s no emotion, no remorse, no pity, no nuffin. She opened up honestly and frankly and just shared, and shared it in a way not to scare or scandalise. It’s just a slice of the mind from the brain. Her experience. That’s special. The book style is something else. I love the idea that memories of the past lose their order. Time doesn’t exist front to back anymore. It just is. Front to back is just a heap on the edge of our mind, ready for when want to hunt around in it or it decides to drop something and it rolls to find us. Front to back becomes what we love and hate the most first, followed down to what we are indifferent about and then disappears at the edges. Girl, Interrupted is perfect. Read it.