intu AW18 blogger event

All that happened at the intu Milton Keynes AW18 blogger evening

And just like that, Summer* is over. Hello colder air. Hello darker nights. Hello a whole new set of trends to try and swallow up and filter into our wardrobes and make our own.

*THE BEST SUMMER OF OUR LIVES!! (Disclaimer: I mean weather-wise. You can’t sue me if your summer sucked balls!) but wasn’t it a beaut? We are all totes bbq’d out, sun-kissed and full of extra bushy tails from all that Vitamin D.

But summer is OVER and intu Milton Keynes invited me to their bloggers evening to chat all things new season and get me hungry for what’s on offer in their stores.


I met the intu team and the rest of the intu MK bloggers at 6pm under the canopies of Wrapchic in the main court. The sun came out for a last hello before starting to set down Midsummer Boulevard and intu was looking very pretty. 6pm is now the new 9pm and we can’t deny that this year is drawing to a close fast now.


If you haven’t tried Wrapchic before and not sure what they are about, they’re an Indian burrito company.

Think Indian meets Mexican and you’ve got it. Indian curries and rice wrapped in tortillas with salads and sauces. Nachos loaded with curries and cheese. Nom! I think their food is brilliant. I think decent Indian food would fuse quite happily into a lot of cuisines.


I was treated to a Wrapchic feast, which got inhaled.

If you’re curious, my go-to at Wrapchic is the Chicken Mughlai Burrito with Tikka Sauce and Slaw and Mango Chutney and the rice with the black beans… aaaand, now I’m hungry again.




Look at the yummies!


After all the feasting was over it was time to get down to business. The intu team handed me a goodie bag which contained an envelope addressed to me. DUN DUN DUNNNN!



Don’t worry there wasn’t anything too scary inside. Just an invitation for me to go off around intu’s retailers and find FIVE KEY TREND PIECES to shake a winter storm up in my wardrobe with my selected stores being my faves (it’s like the team know me, oh wait-!) – TOPSHOP, H&M and NEW LOOK.

Thanks for having me intu!

COMING SOON: The intu Milton Keynes blogger challenge…