A Ghost Story (2017)

David Lowery’s chilling film is not the horror that you might think, or is it?


A Ghost Story is an exercise into the demons we all carry around, heavy with the weight of death that awaits us and the burning question of what comes next.

If we believe in an afterlife, whether heavenly or hellish, always come the thoughts; Can I handle it? Will I be aware? Will it hurt? Is it torture? How will my loved ones cope?

With Affleck’s silent cloak of death comes no conjuring tricks, no cheap gags or spooks. The scare of the existence and the pain of what is left to continue alone is enough of an emotional punch to the gut.

I think for me, as a human aware of her shadow maybe more than she is of her body, that this film might’ve just picked at a crack in my soul and slipped a note inside.