Visiting the Pumpkin Patch

Our family trip to The Pop-Up Farm in Hertfordshire


This is our second trip to The Pop-Up Farm after discovering it in 2017.


Located just off the M1 at Junction 9, The Pop-Up Farm opens its pumpkin fields to the public for visitors to browse and pick their own to buy straight from the pumpkin patch.

There’s free parking and it’s free to enter the fields. You just pay for the pumpkins you want to bring home with you. There’s also an abundance of wheelbarrows for you to move your ‘kins around easily.


As you can see there is a lot of pumpkins to choose from. Thousands.


Located near the entrance is a wild flower patch which is beautiful too.


Squishee at nearly two years old old (21 months) really found his feet in the fields. He loved walking amongst the pumpkins, examining them and then selecting which one he wanted for the wheelbarrow.



Half Pint, at just over four years old, remembers the pumpkin patch from last year. He was so excited to visit again and enjoyed running around trying to pick which was going to be his favourite pumpkin.


The pumpkins are slightly dearer than what you pay in the supermarkets but how crazy cheap do the supermarkets push their prices down, at the detriment to farmers?

I think buying pumpkins this way is a really good experience. The children get to see the pumpkins as they lay in the fields, they learn to manoeuvre a wheelbarrow and appreciate where crops come from.

We came home with four pumpkins, all averagely small/medium in size and it cost £17.50 which works out just under £4.50 a pumpkin which isn’t that bad.

Now our second year of visiting The Pop-Up Farm we can say it’s becoming a bit of a Bou family tradition and I hope we get to continue it for many more years together.

… now what to carve into them?!


IMG_6779 2.jpg