Festive night at the Panto!

Robin Hood at Milton Keynes Theatre

Christmas is coming. You can almost feel it. No, you really can. It’s blooming freezing!

But asides from it being cold enough to keep your turkey crown outside and still need to defrost it for Christmas Day; everywhere is lit up with a rainbow of fairy lights, diets are being thrown out the window and the panto is back in town.

Oh, no it’s not? Oh, yes it is!

On Wednesday night, the LouBou clan descended on the Milton Keynes Theatre to watch this years panto offering, Robin Hood. All of us ready to sprinkle some festive icing on our Christmas spirit.


Half Pint arriving at the theatre (above) totally bursting with energy and excitement to see what a pantomime is all about.

He attended last year (when he was three) but I don’t think he remembers it much. I reckon this year that has changed for good, he remembers everything now (sometimes to my dismay 🤦🏻‍♀️).


PARENTS TAKE NOTE of this huge stall at the front entrance, because your kids sure will!

Selling all manners of flashing, twirling light up thingumabobs, you are not getting past it without succumbing to looking like you’re going to a rave.


Half Pint ended up with a sword light sabre thingy that looks like a dragon and also a unicorn fibre optic something too. It’s been 24 hours since the pantomime and I am now fearing for my eyesight. They are going everywhere with him. OUCH!


Collecting our tickets (above).

This tickled me. So many people think my surname is Bou! and LouBou is my name, like Lou Bou. I wish it was. Maybe I should change it? 😂


Half Pint with his dragon sword light up thingy (above).

As it was a special press preview evening, we got to hang out with the all the media types in the Piano Bar.

We was treated to canapés and wine. Half Pint might’ve stuck to apple juice, it was a school night after all. 💁🏻

Whilst we sipped and mingled, we noticed there was an extra special VIP guest too. Santa Claus (the real deal, obvs) had come to join us!

Half Pint loved meeting him and enjoyed showing off his sword skills. Cripes. Santa nearly lost his sack. 😆


Then the theatre bells rang. With bags of sweets at the ready, it was time to take our seat.  It was showtime!


Shane “Alfie Moon in Eastenders” Richie takes the lead as Robin Hood and has great charism on stage. He is the same lovable guy you root for on the infamous soap. Fans of his Alfie-ness won’t be disappointed.


The show is stuffed full of entertainment. Without being totally spoilerific. There’s risks of getting wet, times you’ll need 3D glasses, times you’ll scream in fear*, times you’ll want to dance and sing along and plenty of very bad, but very well timed jokes.

*Someone sent a message to warn me that the pantomime contained a few moments that might scare younger children. While I’m not down for spoilers, I will say there was two separate times in the performance where I wondered if Half Pint was going to get scared. He jumped a few times but not enough to upset him deeply and he came out the performance laughing and wanting to see it again. But parents if you are worried, maybe speak to the theatre about what those parts are, or message me – I’ll be happy to explain all that happens.


The jokes are mostly for the adults in the audience. You will be laughing hard at local humour, slapstick filth and current affairs that will make you groan and laugh in equal measure.

Children aren’t left out at all though, with what goes over their little heads, they are enthralled by the loud characters, amazing costumes, songs and movements across the stage. There’s even one moment in the first act where both adults and kids gasped and couldn’t believe what was on the stage (no spoilers here – go see for yourself!).

Due to the performance time being 7pm and Squishee still being a one year old, he sat this one out. He was fast asleep in his bed at home being watched over by his lovely grandparents. Next year Squish, maybe you’ll be panto-ready!


Robin Hood is on at Milton Keynes Theatre until the 13th January, so plenty of time to giddy you butt up to Sherwood Forest and see whether Robin Hood has what it takes to save the fair Maid Marion with the help of his merry men.


Thanks for inviting us MK Theatre. We had a perfect festive family adventure with you!