Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show

Damn it, Rocky Horror. I love you!

Even more when you’re inside my hometown too(!).

It’s the morning after watching the Rocky Horror Show at Milton Keynes Theatre and I have a headache.

Not just a headache, one of those nauseating, ever present heavy darkness in my skull that is making it hard to think. Physical movement is also much off the cards (as much as it can be for a mum of two). It feels like my skull is slowly rotating around my brain, like my very own planet that I want to get the hell off of.

It’s all the symptoms of the morning after a fine night out isn’t it? Did I really just visit the theatre last night or did I do end up someplace else? And that’s where the Rocky Horror Show is setting it’s precedent and has been doing so, with barely a pause across the globe, since 1973.

But instead of going all the way back to the 70s, let’s go back to just before 7pm of yesterday, to me in my bedroom as I was desperately trying to throw some sort of Rocky Horror worthy outfit together.

This was my first live experience of the Rocky Horror Show, having only seen the film before.

Y’see, I had learnt a few hours previous that dressing up and immersing oneself in the rock n roll merriment and world of Rocky Horror is the norm.

So, rolling up my fishnets and taking inspiration from Magenta, this is what I came up with (below).


Black maid like / raggedy skirt and top with apron on top. Messy hair


I desperately wanted a white maids hat but without resorting to putting a pair of white knickers on my head, I didn’t have anything at home. Then I brain waved and folded up a Kleenex tissue and shoved it under a hair bobble. I kinda pulled it off, right?

Outfit complete with sparkly shoes because- you heard me say sparkly, right?!



What happened next?

The Rocky Horror Show happened.


Drinks were drunk. The band played live (and oh, boy did they play) and the crowd was up on their feet, catcalling the actors and the narrator and having a raucous time.

Dom Joly did a great job of keeping a straight face through the catcalls, as the narrator.

Stephen Webb (Frank n Furter), Joanne Clifton (Janet) and Ben Adams (Brad), along with the whole cast were so good, I could cry!

The show felt like I was at an adult pantomime or a show in Vegas. When I checked my programme when I got home, the first few words I read about the production included the word pantomime and I smiled. It really, really is.

Leave conceptions of a stage show and think more about an intimate cabaret show or panto. Of a party instead of a production. I can’t imagine someone not having a good time.

I can’t believe I waited so long to see the live show. The film is cult, the live experience is a movement.


I must’ve fallen into our own Time Warp somewhere in the performance because before I wanted it to be finished, it was. It was time to come back to planet Earth and get home to reality, scraping makeup off and rolling fishnets down. For the rest of that night at least. 😁

I’ve seen on the Milton Keynes Theatre website that Friday and Saturday night performances have an after party which you can buy tickets for so you can overcome that feeling and party for longer. I would be so down for that. 


And that’s why my head is aching. I might be smiling at the memories, but this foggy and grey Tuesday in Milton Keynes is sure not easy to trudge through with the carefree whacky memories fresh from last night. I think it’s time for another dose of paracetamol and a little secret frown that wishes for MORE, MORE, MORE!

Thanks Milton Keynes Theatre for the gifted tickets. They might be kind and gift the tickets but they don’t tell me what to write, post or any of that shiz. This is all mine.

BUT don’t take my word for it. “Don’t dream it. Be it.” And go see for yourself.

Rocky Horror Show is running at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 9 February.