The Bodyguard – The Musical @ Milton Keynes Theatre

The infamous 1992 film has become a stage musical and it’s in town at MK Theatre for a generous run. Read about it here:

IIiiiIIIffff IiiIiiIiiiIiiii should… dare you to think about the 1992 film THE BODYGUARD, I IIIII-EEE-IIIII would hasten a guess you’re gonna think of that killer cover of Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You that Whitney Houston held at number one for what felt like most of my childhood (It was how many weeks? 14! Wowsers. Sidenote: Remember when singles used to rule the world?).


And whatever you want to say or pick apart overall about that film (rotten tomatoes is not too kind), I bet we all have our moments of feeling it’s magic through using songs and music to drive home a story.

And I’m not wrong, the soundtrack to The Bodyguard is THE BEST SELLING MOVIE SOUNDTRACK OF ALL TIME. Fact. Selling a whopping 45 million copies worldwide. That’s-a-lot-of-CDs.

Just think, back in the 90s when most film scores were hedging their bets and backing one song *cough* Titanic to make it big in the charts, The Bodyguard sent out six singles into the world and they all made waves, five of them sung by Whitney Houston herself, helping cement her as the face of The Bodyguard and as the vocal icon she still remains today.

It was only a matter of time, and timing before it ended up as a stage production and seven years ago it did. On 5th December 2012, The Bodyguard – The Musical opened in London’s West End. The new production was based on the 1992 film, written for the stage by Alexander Dinelaris and featured not only the songs from the original soundtrack but songs from Whitney Houston’s back catalogue. Perhaps, much like the film, it sounds more of a Whitney production?

The Bodyguard – The Musical picked up Alexandra Burke (The X Factor winner 2008) who joined the cast in 2014 in the lead role of Rachel Marron, she then reprised the role for the following year and is back again.


The Bodyguard – The Musical is currently on a UK Tour and is at my local theatre, the Milton Keynes Theatre from 12th – 23rd March 2019.

I was invited to the press night performance last night (13th) and gifted free tickets to experience the show. They gifted the tickets for free but not my opinions or what I do with them. 😊

So, last night I scooted my butt up to MK Theatre and stood pondering about what I was about to witness. Is it The Bodyguard redone for the stage, is it a piece of work tributing itself to Whitney Houston (with the inclusion of some of her other songs), or is it something else entirely?




Whilst I was a-pondering, I was treated to a glass of WILLOW TREE GIN in the press bar. It tasted great on lots of ice and with a FEVER TREE TONIC. Willow Tree Gin is from Bedfordshire. Quite a nice touch to see a local(ish) producer getting into the bar there.

Then it was time to go in to see the show.


Approximately two and a half hours later, I was on my way home. So, what did I think?

Live band, woah, they were so good! And they don’t even get a curtain call! 😭 Alexandra Burke and the rest of the cast, notably Micha Richardson who played sister Nicki Marron sung brilliantly. The Bodyguard is not too dissimilar to the film, the story and dialogue is ok but it’s those songs that really make it something to see and gets the goosebumps appearing.

Is it hard to not compare roles from stage to film? Yes, it is.

Is it hard to not compare the songs with Whitneys? Yes, with the other Whitney Houston songs in the show, it did make it even harder in places but as I suspected if anyone could take on those hard to pull off songs live, Alexandra Burke could and did. Yes, even ‘that’ one. She took the roof off. The songs reflected the story well and most of all, it was great fun to watch. The audience all ended the night on their feet, shaking it too.

Then shaking it in a different way, I made my way home (it was freaking freezing outside!).

Thanks to Milton Keynes Theatre for inviting me and if any readers are going to see The Bodyguard, do hit me up and let me know what you think of it.

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