Victoria’s Secret SS19 + Bra Fitting + WHUT?! I FITTED?!?

I join intu MK and Victoria’s Secret and learn how fashion trends can start in your underwear drawer, the empowerment of lingerie and that Victoria’s Secret is more than just a bright pink shop smothered in supermodels

Attending the intu MK bloggers breakfast on Saturday morning, we were introduced to the new style pod that is situated on the big open space bit between Pret and Wrapchic.


The style pod is a little condensed hub of fashion, beauty and more, featuring the trends for SS19 across intu retailers.


A rail of pieces from Victoria’s Secret was out and team members from the store were there to go through them with us.

I never really thought about underwear being a part of a fashion trend and changing with seasons but after the talks with the ladies from Victoria’s Secret, I can totally appreciate how it can be incorporated into an outfit and be a wardrobe accent and not something that is exclusively hidden.

Now I’m definitely not someone to walk around in just a bra as a top (although with some of the pieces I’ve seen from VS you totally could) but I’m thinking a bright neon bra (NEON IS BACK FOR SS19 – I’m not even ready 😂) peeking out from underneath an unbuttoned shirt (I think I lived that way in my school years 😆) or a beautiful bra strap being proud and a statement, worn with a vest top or sleeveless top.


Look at the bra on the right mannequin (below). I AM IN LOVE. Not 100% sure whether my breasts would look ok in it as it’s so NEKKID but I want this bra with a black camisole vest top on top. Or under a dress. It’s an outfit game changer.



Neon is a huge trend going into SS19 and if, like me, the thought of going out in neon head to toe makes you shrug and say “next please” maybe underwear is embracing a change without blinding your loved ones.

Look at this neon set (below). Logo straps are also really nice and would be great peeking out of your clothing.


In fact all of the SS19 trends, animal print, neutrals, athleisure clothing and neons can all be found in the Victoria’s Secret collections.

Only one I don’t think you’ll find is boiler suits are in, but even for me, as a Slipknot fan, do I really want to be rocking a boiler suit? I’m not convinced it’s for me.



This Berry Diva Lace With Logo Straps (above) caught my eye and I swooned a bit because it is so reminiscent of the J’Adior band found on so many pieces from waistbands to shoes at Dior since Maria Grazia took control a year or so back (she’s my idol). I LOVE IT! I’d be super happy for that strap to be slipping down my shoulders any day of the week. Bonus is it comes in so many bra styles and colours too, and panties!

We were then shown how a lady is measured for her bras.


Surprised to see the chest measurement is taken from above the bust, rather than under.


Cups were then explained.


Then I was taken over to the bright pink bra-filled mothership.

They were going to fit me. ARGH.



Before going in, look at all these undies!

Diamante straps that are inspired by the Tiffany encrusted bra that was in the Victoria’s Secret Show. SPARKLY STRAPS!



Neon bras are all over the store right now. In all colours! Which would you choose?




With my fear growing that I was never going to fit in any of these supermodel modelled lingerie pieces, I did my usual thing of gooing over something that didn’t need a size requirement.

Look how lovely these Victoria’s Secret mini bags are, bum bags and across body ones. I really like them. The top one shown (below) is £35.00. Not that bad for a classic cute black bag.


Then it was off to the changing rooms with Victoria’s Secret bra fitter, Emma.

Just inside the changing rooms is this huge framed photograph (below) of a Victoria’s Secret Angel from one of their infamous catwalk shows.


Oh gawd. I was feeling a bit like a dumpling and geared up for an epic fail. Images of myself being marched out the store full of shame whilst staff members shook their head and tsked ‘there’s nothing for you here, oh, what a poor monster you are’ had started to taunt me and I wished I could excuse myself from the whole thing completely but I held my ground and in I went (probably more with fear than courage 😆).

Emma was brilliant with me. Inside each changing room there are doorbell buttons so you can tell the staff member you are ready for them, or in need of assistance. Emma also never opened the door, ensuring I opened it to let her in when I was ready. Nothing worse in fitting room etiquette than feeling exposed and out of control!

I stripped off on top, down to my bra. I let Emma in and she measured me super fast and with minimal fuss. She measured on top of my bra too so I didn’t feel even more self-conscious by being completely topless.

After measuring me up Emma told me I was a completely different size than I currently took in my Debenhams bras and it meant I was a size that they carry in Victoria’s Secret! SAY WHUUUUT!?

What a confidence boost that I didn’t expect at all. I went from feeling like a monster who didn’t belong in a shop as glamorous as Victoria’s Secret to feeling like I had something sexy, that was hope and a bit of belief in myself.

Emma fitted me first in a black t-shirt bra (lightly lined) as she said they do for all ladies to begin with.

I put it on without her in the room and then I let her in when I was ready and she adjusted the strap at the back to be tighter for the perfect support and then she adjusted the arm straps for comfortable support over the shoulders.

I was flabbergasted. Totally zero exaggeration. This bra fitted me, yes but better than that, it felt like butter on my skin, no strain across my shoulders, like I’m used to having AND…I LOOKED ALRIGHT IN IT!

Then she asked me about myself a bit. I said I was a mum, mostly active in mum duties and liked to be comfortable. She then disappeared and came back with a whole load of bras to try on (below).


Looking at all the bras that she had bought in I got a bit emosh. I started to try them all on. They all fitted me, now some better than others, some worse, some not for me, but they all got on MY body. I was really taken back by the whole situation.

Victoria’s Secret kindly wanted to gift me a bra of my choice up to the value of £50 and a pair of panties too.

I couldn’t forget the feeling of how much I loved the first bra when I first saw it and how it made me feel, so I choose that one. Emma then informed me because it was on a special 2 for £49 in store, I was allowed two of them! WIN WIN! I choose the black I tried on and a pink nude one to wear under lighter clothing like white t shirts. I also picked a basic black logo pantie to go home with me too.


The bras and panties were taken to be boxed up and I was done. Standing in the back of Victoria’s Secret with a large filled VS shopping bag, filled with the cutest pink boxes that contained my goodies.

I was a Victoria’s Secret customer. Me. WTF.


Browsing the Victoria’s Secret website for the first time I found these links which might help you if you wondered about sizing there:


And if you wanted to see how Victoria’s Secret package up things for their customers, take a look at these photos. How cute?!

Thank you Victoria’s Secret at intu Milton Keynes.

This was never about fitting into a brand, or fitting in with a certain trend. This was all about how I felt inside myself.

Yes, Victoria’s Secret is the most glamorous lingerie brand I can think of. Yes, it has the most crazy-perfect-looking supermodels that walk runways showcasing their products. But to me, this little victory journey highlighted how important it is to find out the facts and to always try and see what you might find.

When I walked through the store when it first opened I thought because I didn’t see cup sizes going above a DDD that I wouldn’t fit in any of them. I didn’t ask any members of staff for advice, even though they asked me if I needed help, I just scurried out the shop feeling ashamed. I cut myself off without all the facts. I allowed myself to feel unworthy.

By going through this experience I have found and been gifted two bras that are the comfiest bras I have had in a long time, they also make me feel sexy too. And for the future, I have the gift of the lesson, to perhaps not write myself off as quickly next time. To try.






I now have the urge for a whole lingerie update. Long, long needed after two babies and countless years of my body changing. I must admit I’m kind of excited to experiment and be a bit braver with lingerie.

If I can get the under bits right, then surely the outfits I cover up in are going to have the best possible base to do their thang?


Watch this space.

Bras and panties and advice all kindly gifted by Victoria’s Secret at intu Milton Keynes on Saturday 16th March 2019. They are gifted freely and without obligation for this blog piece which I wrote of my own free will because I was so impressed with my experience with them and their pieces in store. I hope it helps someone who is also shy about underwear shopping and size-conscious like I am, to find something that might be just perfect for them too.