BREAKING NEWS: Get ready for supersized robots MK!

LIVE: Supersized versions of the ‘Starship Robot’ spotted across Milton Keynes…

Plans unveiled today for the brand new venture from Starship Robot deliveries.

They are the same delivery robots we have seen serving the community bringing groceries to our doors, but something has changed, they have GROWN!


New ‘supersized’ robot vehicles will be able to use the city’s grid roads to make their deliveries from shops to YOU.

You can expect to see them on the H & V roads in Milton Keynes from today.


New roadsigns are already in place for the newest of MK road users, which like their smaller friends travel at a max speed of just 4mph.




Spokesman for the project Aime Kiddlingyou said “They will not only be able to deliver milk and bread across the city but also large things like cars, livestock and bunk beds. Their slower than average speeds or 4mph will also encourage fellow drivers to follow the robots example and slow down on our infamously fast highways”. 

What do you make of this news? Dare you undertake one on the H6 at rush hour? What happens if one cuts you up? Could robot road wars be a new hazard to the grid system?

Oh and if you spot one, send me pics!


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