American Idiot @ Milton Keynes Theatre 23.04.2019

10th Anniversary UK Tour of Green Day’s musical AMERICAN IDIOT is in Milton Keynes this week.

So I go along to see what the freaking bells a punk musical is like on stage… 🤟🏻

GREEN DAY were a huge voice in my youth. Were they in yours?

Their album nimrod was never far from my CD player. I found something in Green Day that was harder and edgier than Brit Pop and boy did my youngling MK self need them.


They have a knack of inspiring me to want change without pushing me over the edge into the pit of giving up.

It’s those punk beats n riffs. Nom.

But for my generation (and I think for a lot of people) something brutal changed in the world after 9/11.

Fear exploded into the world and it leaked like poison and affected us all.

American Idiot (the album) came out from Green Day in 2004 to a changed world. Filled with war and terrorism.

Green Day were now speaking to changed people with a maturer more heartbreaking punk tone. Inspiring people again but provoking more thoughts at the media, at war, at the governments.

There were more casualties of war than just the fallen on the battlefield.

Green Day themselves called American Idiot a punk rock opera, it had a story to tell.


A story about a guy dubbed the Jesus of Suburbia, about dysfunction in modern America.

Then Green Day were approached by theatre director Michael Mayer asking if they  thought about putting their punk opera on stage and expanding on the story, and in 2009 that happened.

Green Day presents American Idiot – The Musical.


I was concerned before watching the how that a punk rock musical was going to clash with the conventional tight choreography and timings that you find on a stage.

That the essence of punk was spontaneity, of that live gusto that gets crowds sweaty and their hearts thumping.

American Idiot on stage is definitely not an underground Green Day concert. It’s definitely cleaner in some parts, filthier in others and a bit icky with the way they view (or lack of view) towards the female characters…


The live band rocking out track after track from American Idiot… arghh yes!

With the talented guitarist work from cast and the visually exciting choreography, it’s definitely a must-see for Green Day fans and rock lovers alike.

Something happened two thirds of the way through the first half where I suddenly found myself emotionally invested in something that I hadn’t even realised was beginning to tug on my heart.

American Idiot does move you and will break your heart if you let it.

Tom Milner stars as Johnny, Luke Friend as St Jimmy and Sam Lavery as Whatshername.

Tom Milner is electric to watch on stage. So dreamy and talented in equal measures. Watch him with your heart, he will make you swoon and cry.

By the end of the show, I was feeling very, very nostalgic and I think the whole theatre was with me.

American Idiot is at Milton Keynes Theatre from 23-27 APRIL 2019.

For full transparency, tickets for American Idiot were gifted to me from Milton Keynes Theatre. They have not told me what to post or say. Dees is all my words, word.