Fame @ Milton Keynes Theatre 24.06.2019


Who doesn’t remember that song? it’s a classic.

Fame the Musical is in MK this week and I go to see if the musical is worth remembering too…

The film FAME (1980) was a key moment in the 80’s obsession with performing arts, expressive dance, leotards for all and of course, leg warmers!

Starring Irena Cara (and her insane vocal chords), the world fell in love with the gruelling world of trying to make it in the arts.

The film’s notable tracks including “Out here on my own” (my absolute fave šŸ‘‡šŸ»Ā listen below) and “Fame”.

The film then led to a TV series of the same name which ran from 1982 – 1987 and then a stage musical was produced and debuted in 1989. The stage version based on the film has now jumped and spun its way around more than 25 countries.

It’s the 30th Anniversary tour that sees the leotards airing themselves off in Milton Keynes this week.



So, what to expect?

A lot of people will recognise Jorgie Porter who plays IRIS (below).

Fame The Musical-Tour-Manchester-2389.jpg

Ms Porter is known for her role in TV soap Hollyoaks (Theresa McQueen) and for appearing in a host of reality shows (Dancing on Ice, I’m a Celeb…).

Jorgie Porter’s wiki page states she trained in ballet like her character IRIS but she was told she was too overweight to be a dancer.

Its stories like this that echo in the lives of anyone who has ever dared to dream in training for the arts and that’s the message FAME the musical is trying to portray.

I wonder if Jorgie Porter finds a sense of achievement and an explicit finger to the critics, that she is now a dancing ballerina on the stage of an iconic musical, if the ballet account is true. I know I would.

Fame The Musical-Tour-Manchester-3635-2.jpg

What always moves our own souls? It’s someone baring theirs and it was an absolute treat to watch Mica Paris (above) perform as MISS SHERMAN.

She lit up the stage at Milton Keynes Theatre last night with her song “These Are My Children”. Packed with emotion and that beautiful soulful voice. I loved her. šŸ‘šŸ»

But still, I don’t know if Fame as a concept is as appealing as it might’ve been in the 80s.

We have saturated ourselves so much with reality stars, instant fame (and it’s repercussionsĀ ) and a much easier access path to the arts than ever before.

We are now a world of everything being a reality show, we can be seen to be a nation of insta-famous models with an overactive hashtag, social media following pack of twittering algorithms that we probably bought from a celebrity endorsed app.

We have to look a little harder to appreciate the real Fame stories.

Fame is at Milton Keynes Theatre 24 – 29 June 2019.

For full transparency, tickets to the show were kindly gifted to me from Milton Keynes Theatre.Ā