HAIR @ Milton Keynes Theatre 15.07.2019

60s hippie tribes, sex, peace and love for all.

(Nah, I’m not blogging my ideal weekend)

It’s Hair – The Musical!


This is the dawning (maybe an evening) of the age of Aquarius with HAIR – The Musical performing at Milton Keynes Theatre this week.

Hair may be celebrating its 50th year but the message of LOVE ☮️ PEACE ☮️ and ANTI-WAR is still something the world needs.


Join the tribe of bohemian hippies in 1960s New York, as they experiment, live free and full of love (full of love AND illegal substances 😂) and rally themselves in protest of the Vietnam war.


When Hair first was performed it was a pioneering and the first ever “rock musical”.


Well it was the first post-censorship show to hit the stage with drug use, sexually loud and proud, full-frontal nudity and lots of profanity to describe just the first few numbers. 😆


But it’s not just an exercise on how to get high, Hair is mesmerising without being under the influence.

This is down to some instantly recognisable tunes, particularly Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In which with the lighting, swaying dances and smoky hues are just damn dreamy.


Seeing full nudity, love being expressed freely and without constraint and seeing people striving for freedom to feel and be as they want to be like in Hair is brilliant.

Never used or portrayed as gimmicky, it is a really touching reminder of how we are all equal, all searching for our own meaning and experiences in life.

We are sensitive beings us humans and something that life seems to make us forget to appreciate until it’s too late. Yeah, let’s try and not do that.

What perhaps is most settling and best of all for me seeing Hair was the audience.

Most of the packed-out audience was, at my best guess, youths in the 60s!

Was I sharing the theatre with real-life hippies?! AMAZING!


The show finished with the cast bringing people up on stage to hippie sway for the finale (above). ✌🏻


Now it’s time to go home to my own tribe, kinda wishing I could take the best bits of each past decade and bring them with me to the future… 🤔 …wait? 😱



Hair is at Milton Keynes Theatre 15 – 20 July 2019.

For full transparency, tickets to the show were kindly gifted to me from Milton Keynes Theatre.