intu Milton Keynes AW19 KEY TRENDS, FAVE PIECES & Bloggers Event 14.09.2019

Love fashion? You’ll love this blog on AW19 key trends, pieces that are available right now at intu Milton Keynes, how to still feel funky when on a budget and more…

It’s a big one, maybe grab a cup of tea and settle down for a read?

I was invited to a very lovely bloggers breakfast at intu Milton Keynes last Saturday (14.09.2019).


I was up, dressed and up city at a very respectful 9.30am on a Saturday!! Give this tired chump a medal! I am -not- a morning person.


The purpose of the breakfast was more than an exercise on who can tolerate the morning sun and still look human. Nor was it just about filling our bellies and having a good ol’ chin wag over coffees and sparkling waters and very instagrammable tables of munch (below). Pssst. The sparkling water was for me. Me no coffee guzzler. You can wtf – I know. But I run on fully leaded anxiety and social mishaps. 


It was all in aid of ringing in the new Autumn Winter season. AW19 is here!

We had a great summer but it’s hard to not be bowled over by the prospect of saying cheerio to summer and hello old friend to snuggly jumpers and darker nights.

Halloween is coming! Fireworks night is coming! Coat weather is coming! Christmas is coming! Tights wearing is coming!

But where’s my coat? Oh cripes.. my tights have holes in them! I am sure I owned some jumpers but all I can find are summer dresses I never got around to wearing! FFS!

What da monkey is going on in my wardrobe?

Do you feel a bit like that too?


I am always open to some fashion inspo. Are you?

intu have teamed up with ex ELLE UK & Grazia fashion editor and super chic stylist Bonnie Rakhit to break down this seasons trends and help feed our imagination for Autumn / Winter 2019.

In attendance to the event were about 10 bloggers from the local area, which is the biggest blogger gathering intu Milton Keynes has ever hosted! Go intu! It was really nice to meet up with the intu bloggers that I’ve worked with in the past but also lovely to meet some new faces.

I will say though, intu you need some male bloggers! We would all love to see guys sharing the inspo too! But back to our event…

Leigh from intu’s PR team (below) welcomed us all to the event.


Some of the retailers at intu Milton Keynes had wheeled out their fave pieces that are new in store to start feeding our thoughts.

One of the key trends Bonnie has focused on for AW19 is RUFFLES & ROMANCE 

She picked out this polka dot skirt and top from Topshop (below) it looks like a dress the way she has it on a hanger but it’s definitely a skirt* and top!

As of 21.09.2019 the skirt is on sale reduced to £29.00!


But if that’s a bit woah for you and you would prefer something subtler, how about rocking some ruffles like this New Look top (below). It’s £12.99 and packs seriously acceptable ruffle for a seriously acceptable price.


Or how about making the ruffle a bit more geometric and embrace a pleated skirt?

The pleated skirt is still around and this one (below) from New Look looks so good with that chunky roll neck jumper and snakeskin 🐍 sass bag (my way of describing a bag with attitude 😂).


Pleated Skirt (from a selection), Off White Ribbed Knit Roll Neck Jumper (£19.99) and Off White Faux Snake Shoulder Bag (£17.99) all from New Look.

New Look, New Look, New Look!

A store that is consistent in their trend leading pieces without the heavy price tags.

Let’s not forget we are about to go into the season where we wear not only the most clothes, but the pieces that tend to cost the most. Winter coats, knits and good footwear are easily the most expensive pieces in my wardrobe. We need as much help as we can get budgeting and New Look is on form this season.

I think Bonnie Rakhit shares my sentiments too.

Would you say Yes to Yellow in this dress?


Dress £27.99 from New Look


If you love the style but can’t face saying Yes to Yellow, the same dress comes in a whole bunch of other colours too. YES, BLACK is one of them!!

If New Look wasn’t inspiring enough with their clothing alone, they’re also stomping all over the place with some epic foot coverers (shoes!).

It’s TIME to dig out your winter footwear and recycle your summer dresses, layer a couple of dresses up (I’m not even kidding), add jumpers, add scarves, add a cute red nose (which we are all going to be rocking before we know it! 😂) it’s the season where more is more AND less is just too cold!

These totally nommy platform boots with on-trend chunky grip soles are only £29.99 (below).


Remember, a little winter chunk never hurt anyone. 💁🏻‍♀️


Then the peeps from GAP caught my eye with their rail…


GAP have a beautiful array of sweats (soft, light sweats mmm), denim piecesand tees.

I LOVED this slogan tee (above) that with contrast neck and sleeves that looked straight out of the 90s.

Slogan Ringer T Shirt from GAP £16.95


Now for something that since my discovery of them earlier in the year excites me in all the goooood ways..

Victoria’s Secret were there with a selection of their hottest (no, really hottest) pieces.

Take this black Chantilly Lace Kimono (below) for example…


…and GET A LOAD of the back! 👇🏻😍👇🏻

This beautiful Chantilly lace that adorns the back and the sleeves gives me Morticia Addams vibes. Nom.


Chantilly Lace Kimono £85.00 from Victoria’s Secret

Did you spot the teddy bodysuit that is next to the kimono? Let’s look at the back of that too.. (below).



Literally can barely contain the cheekiness. 😆

It’s £49.00 and from Victoria’s Secret too and before you scream you could never wear it, how about on top of your regular bra and use it as a bodysuit with jeans? And embrace the Double Denim AW19 trend and wear it with jeans and a denim shirt, jacket or even a denim shacket!

There’s always a way around boobs, support and feeling good. Mostly. 😂

Or just sod it, wear it as is, embrace your beautiful self in it and lay around the house being fabulous. I’d do that too.

But one piece from Victoria’s Secret that would make ANYONE feel a million quid without exposing every inch of your body is this pink kimono.👇🏻 which could totally be used as outerwear with evening trousers and a cami and lots of hair clips! Total drool.

Metallic Satin Kimono £59.00 from Victoria’s Secret 


Victoria’s Secret then took me over to their store for a bra fitting.


Remember I had my first Victoria’s Secret bra fitting earlier in the year?

Well, it doesn’t hurt to keep them sized up!

Honestly though, walking into the brightest shop that exists within the MK postcode, with its neon lights and then dark and sultry closet interiors, I still get that slight feeling of not belonging.

As I mooch past the beautifully matched underwear sets and provocative lingerie pieces, I always second guess myself and ask myself if I should scarper pronto.


I mean, this super glam store couldn’t be further from my actual knicker drawer, a crammed mix-matched overstuffed and never matching, section of my dressing area, that is literally used as a grab and go in the mornings.

But those gifted Victoria’s Secret bras that I was gifted back in April? 

They multiplied.

I went back again, and then again, again and bought up a load more of the same style because it is honestly as good as I said it was. It’s light, the fabric is buttery soft and it makes easy work of me hoisting up my weighty (huge) chest without me bearing the pain of the lift.

A recent reaffirmation of my love for VS was only last week. When on laundry day, I put on my old faithful Debenhams bra on, my go-to before Victoria’s Secret. I then proceeded to ouch my way through the day. Sore, pinching on the shoulders, horrible underwire and the rough fabric had me whimpering into the washing machine for the VS ones.

I can’t believe I used to accept that as comfy. Boobs have gone up in the world with how they’re treated now!

Knowing that my VS everyday bras make me feel comfortable but also makes my chest look pretty great too, is all the confidence I needed to remember as I made my way to the fitting rooms.


Into the changing rooms I went and met my bra fitter, Emma.


Emma fitted me up back in March and was as quick and breezy at sizing me up.

There’s no awkwardness, no embarrassment and I felt super comfortable in that cute little candy striped changing room.



Emma even remembered the bras I had, and after the measuring (my bra size was still the same – phew 🐽), she bought me an array of different bras to try on and see where my tastes were at.


After a quick changing session (left alone to do it at my own time) I selected a new bra (it was different from my new-old VS faithful too!).

And this lucky gal was gifted it from the team at Victoria’s Secret Milton Keynes. How lovely is that?! Thanks so much guys! 🙏🏻🖤


Here’s the one I went for… whatcha think?


The bra is the Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Demi Bra with Lace Back Detail (£49). It’s super pretty, look at the back (below).

I love the lace detail on the back and love the idea of it being visible with a strappy top.



I was told, you can’t get a new bra without a panty so, I was gifted a pair of my choice too!

I chose The Lacie, full lace panties (you can see them above and they cost £9).

I really love the chunky waistband with sparkly Victoria’s Secret print logo.

Thanks so much everyone at Victoria’s Secret Milton Keynes.

You keep reassuring me to not get my head stuck on stereotypes and insecurities, you make everyone feel welcome and catered for.

I strongly recommend every lady, even the ones who really don’t think Victoria’s Secret is for them, to try them. 

It’s not all supermodels and runways.


After sorting out my undies, it was time to mooch around intu and get inspired for my own AW19.

I hit up H&M and saw that YELLOW really is ablaze in the new season pieces.


It’s def a mustard yellow. It’s Autumn! Look at those bursts of golden shades and orange and tan too. So perfect for now.


And then I had a peek in Topshop


And my eyes were immediately drawn to the socks and my brain was wurring over how I could get on board with Yes to Yellow without wanting to kiss goodbye to my blacker than black outfits.

But how about a small pop of yellow on my feet!?


I chomped on the idea and ran with it. Whatcha reckon?


I love them! And such an affordable wardrobe update costing only £3.50


Although if you really are happy to embrace the yellow in full force, look at this lush coat in Topshop! Boxy, oversized and with huge statement pockets. I love it (and yep, they got a black one too 🖤).


Slouch Coat (above) is £65 and from Topshop

Another good idea on of how to inject colour limiting your wardrobe to a single colour is my staple converse!


Yellow Hi Top Chucks are £55 and from SCHUH 

But what do I really want to rock for this coming season?

I am wanting to fully embrace the 90s grunge look.


I want underwear as outerwear like Courtney Love would approve of.

Lace slip £19.99, Jumper £17.99 both H&M


I want roll necks and all the super soft knits.

I want to embrace my curves as proud as any Kardashian can but with the true and authentic reality that only a mum of two from MK can muster up!


Polo neck top £12.99 from H&M

That’s it from me for now, I did skip on one key trend Bonnie Rakhit was focusing on that was Sparkle & Shine but let’s face it, we can do that in our sleep. 💁🏻‍♀️ POW.

Please do hit me up on messenger or any which way you can pin me down on.

Share with me your fashion finds, your outfit pics, anything, I love seeing it and I especially love it when you guys come to me for style advice! 

Before I leave ya, intu have a competition going atm. Check this. 👇🏻

Has this got you in the mood for a wardrobe sort out of your own?

Need some funds to help out?

intu Milton Keynes have a competition running right now.

All you have to do is take a selfie on their beautiful flower wall, tag them in it (@intumiltonkeynes) and hashtag #TryATrend and you could win a £100 intu gift voucher which would help you on your way to stylish dreams!


Love ya,

LouBou x