Discover the delicious range of scented soy wax candles from local mummy-fronted business


…and why emission free candles are something you should know about!


When on maternity leave with her first child, Laura Henderson found herself wanting to fill her time between nappy changes and feedings with more than just daytime television.

Before becoming a mum, she was the kind of lady to always be working on a project. Even alongside her full time career in HR, she ran a successful cupcake business that had her baking in all her spare time.

I know from personal experience it’s quite a powerful transformation when you become a mum, it’s more than just having this amazing little thing to look after, it’s how it makes you think about your own life too. It really does change your perspective in more ways than what is immediately found around your baby. The drive to be the best you, to be the best mum for you and your family as a whole is very real.

I’ve become a blogger, a keen photographer and writer, documenting and enjoying a whole different range of life experiences I’d never have had the opportunity to.

I’ve got friends who have set up beauty businesses, street food businesses, cafes, pubs and events and so much more.

But in those first years of motherhood, it feels like we see a lot more of our homes than we’d probably care to. It’s easy for our sanctuary to become a prison isolating us from people or lives that are moving at difference paces outside the door. It’s so important that the newborn environment needs to be as chill and zen as possible, for mum and baby.

How do you do that?

I know I am quite soft for a scented candle, well if it’s sensory treatments for baby, it’s good enough for me too.

Laura agrees.


From baby poop to smelling like roses 💁🏻‍♀️

With a fully-roared up and informed mum mind on the case, Laura found herself using time between feeds and nappies, researching candles.

Learning how to make the best yet environmentally and user-friendly scented candles for the home, something that gives you all the oomph of a great scented candle but without the potential for dangers, which with a newborn baby on her arm, was paramount!

Using soy wax for the candles, hand pouring them in her kitchen in Northants, it was then time for deciding on packings and aesthetics before finding stockists in the local area to get them out to the public. All this while tending to the needs of a growing baby. No mean feat for the breeziest of times but Laura did it and was up in business before her maternity was finished.

Sorry. Did you say soy wax?

Why does it matter that they are soy wax? I’m not dairy intolerant and I sure ain’t planning on eating them, so why do I care?

Why, yes. Yes I did. Keep reading because we are about to have a lesson together!

IMG_8405 2.jpg

Did you know that scented candles could contain some nasties that go airborne in your homes?

In a time where we are trying to be as green as possible, living our best lives, as healthily as possible, it’s definitely something to give some thought.

What we breathe is important. You couldn’t want a dirty bonfire in your home, so why light candles without looking a little closer at what’s inside them?

Let’s start by looking at the wax that creates the candle.

Paraffin wax is actually made from petroleum, YUH HUH! That’s why they leave that black carbon soot on the candle jars and could leave them around your home, in your air and inside your body. Yup, it’s like firing up a mini car in your home!

RIVERSTONE opts for soy as their wax of choice, although other natural ones to look out for are beeswax and coconut too, which burn gentler and without nasties.

Natural scents to look out for can be in the form of essential oils.

Synthetic fragrances are not only potentially filling your home with airborne chemicals but could also be responsible for headaches, think of a cheap aftershave and the feeling it gives you when you sniff the bottle (and instantly regret it!).

The wicks can be a minefield with some even containing metal. EEK!

RIVERSTONE use cotton and linen in their wicks. Perfect.

Laura kindly sent me out her current range to sample, including her new range for Autumn / Winter 2019 to see what I thought.


The RIVERSTONE main range scents are:

  • THAI LIME AND MANGO sweet fruit notes carefully balanced
  • LIME BASIL & MANDARIN soft citrus tones with a tobacco-y warmth
  • WILD FLOWER BLOOM fresh cut flowers and clean laundry

I was given these in 30cl size which cost £10 each (think Etsy is a slightly higher price).

They are all contained in a white opaque glass and come packaged in nice, simple (but stylish) cardboard boxes.


For the new Autumn / Winter range I was given a selection box of smaller votive sized candles, still in the same opaque white glass so look great alongside their bigger sisters.

These came in a presentation box made of slightly thinner card and with a windowed lid so you can see the candles inside. Must admit I preferred the chunkier cardboard for packaging, especially for glass, but I did like being able to see the candles too. Enticing!

The box costs £12 and is a great way to enjoy a range of smells for your home, or as a gift for someone else.


The AW19 scents are:

  • CRANBERRY, ORANGE & CINNAMON frosted fruits on a winters morning
  • SPICED ORANGE smells like Christmas
  • GINGERBREAD gingerbread cookies fresh out the oven
  • PLUM ROSE & PATCHOULI like the best spa toiletries gift-set you can give



Here’s Squishee helping me capture the photos for the blog 💁🏻‍♀️😍😍👇🏻


Now what’s left to do but light the beautiful buggers and see how they burn and smell?


Hey! Do you ever get candles that end up burning, melting in a pool in the middle and then melts down causing an uneven pit in the middle of the candle?

I know I do!

Tips to stop that from happening are

  • Burn a candle for more than 2 hours at a time

  • Wait until candle melts across the whole jar before blowing out

  • Don’t burn for more than 4 hours


I can confirm that unlike my usual favourite candle (the one that rhymes with skanky 😆 and are made from paraffin wax. yuh who knew 😯) these candles left NO BLACK SOOT on the jars. YAY!

They still look super clean even after burning numerous times.

The scents build up in a more gentle way than the paraffin wax candles but over the course of the burn the house smelt great.

Gentle is actually probably better when there’s little kids in the house too, right? Poor little noses!


I hope you enjoyed the little dive into candles with me and meeting this incredible mum-local-business lady and her RIVERSTONE candles.

Most of us love a scented candle so I hope this has been helpful with you in helping know what goes inside of them too.

RIVERSTONE are stocked at Emporium at Nene Court Wellingborough and Jeyes of Earls Barton in Earls Barton.

You can also find Riverstone on Facebook and Etsy.com.

So this year before you stock up on your scented candles and think about gifts for special occasions, how about supporting this fab local business and trying one of these?

Sounds smells good to me!

DISCLAIMER: Candles featured here have been gifted for review purposes. They might smell good but they don’t scent my words.