Tasty MK

New chippy in Milton Keynes?

Think you know what’s on the menu*.. think again!

*Veggie, vegans, keblob eaters.. listen up!

Chippy dinners?

They’re hardly the cornerstone of fine dining but, you know it, they are part of our lives.

Whether you’re a traditional fish and chip eater or you go nuts for a pukka, go northern with your taste buds and demand gravy, or if a pickled egg is your guilty pleasure, lots of us all end up in a chip shop from time to time.

And why not? They’re easily the most economic of takeaways. The portion sizes mean no-one ever goes hungry and they’re easy to eat out the packet, wrap up and bin. No messing about.

But when diet choices kick in, vegetarianism or veganism, suddenly the world of food choices diminish and you’re left feeling very left out.

The new(ish) chippy that is on Broughton called TASTY MK wanted to make sure they were a destination dining choice for people of all diets.


The team behind TASTY MK aren’t only in the business of fish and chips either.

Popular local Thai restaurant Pin-Petch that’s situated on the Newport Pagnell high street is also part of their family of businesses.

And family in both ways, because they are local family-run businesses!


Here’s some photos from our visit.


Half Pint and Squishee charming the owner with stickers (below).



Supping Fruit Shoots while waiting for their meals to be cooked.





Squish’s bring on the food face (below).


The kids meals come as a meal with chips and a drink for £3.50 each. Perfect.

We ordered the Chunky Chicken Bites and a Fish Bites kids meals (below).


The kids might have finished their fruit shoots in seconds and then were treated to slush puppies. 😂😅


There’s seating available inside Tasty MK if you can’t wait to get home to eat your food. High benches at the sides, where the kids are seated in the below pic.

There’s also a couple of table and chairs too.


Both kids inhaled their food and they got two very happy thumbs up from the both of them.


As I mentioned, Tasty MK are keen to recommend themselves for their Vegan and Vegetarian food offerings.

Look at their dedicated menu (below).


With that in mind, how could we not try some?

We ordered the Vegan ‘Chicken’ Shish Kebab and the Vegan ‘Prawn’ Tempura.


Hey, you know what? The kebabs at Tasty MK do not come pitta breads but instead in a chunky bread roll.

They say it’s to stop a soggy pitta bread disappearing under your meat and instead give substance and a proper belly-filling feeling to your kebab experience. What do you reckon to that?



Now both of these dishes were really bloody hard to tell if they were vegan or not in looks and in taste.

As someone who isn’t that versed in meat replacement products, it was mind boggling.


Both the chicken impersonator and the prawn lookalikes are less oily than real cooked meats but the taste, especially with the sauces and salad, was so hard to distinguish.

Reckon you could? I want to do taste tests on the streets to see who could actually tell the difference.


Look at those plump ‘prawns’ (above) they tasted pretty good with that sweet chilli dip.

Aside from how it tastes, TASTY MK want to make sure that all vegan food is cooked cleanly.

That means a dedicated grill (below), dedicated utensils (you’ll spot them, they are marked green) and food trays etc etc. Meaning you can relax knowing your food is being prepared for you the way you’d expect it to.


Just because. Here’s the (real meat) chicken kebab (below). We wanted to compare it against the vegan one and because chicken kebabs are something close to my yum-filled heart.


With the bready bun it’s more like a ginormous chicken burger and that’s OK, but I totally don’t want to call it a chicken kebab and want it to have a different name, because I LOVE pitta breads, especially soggy kebab soaked ones (yup, I’m gross) and I did kinda miss my guilty pleasure. 😞


But back to those veg/vegan options and if that’s what you’re looking for more of in Milton Keynes, well get over to Tasty MK and give em a go and spread the word to your vegan, veggie friends that they are catered for in Broughton.


Disclaimer: All food was complimentary for the purpose of this review. You can’t feed me lines though. All words from me. 

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