On Your Feet! @ Milton Keynes Theatre 11.02.2020

A musical sharing the story of Emilio & Gloria Estefan congas into Milton Keynes this week

Who knows this?

or this

They’re great tracks, right? I’m sure I’ve shaken my butt to them numerous times over the years.

There’s lots of bio-musicals out there but this one based on the story of musician Emilio and his wife singer/songwriter hit-maker Gloria Estefan is one that I didn’t realise I needed to hear.



On Your Feet! gives insight to the young life of Gloria Estefan, a shy, cuban immigrant living in Miami.

It sees her joining the Miami Latin Boys band as a singer and meeting her future husband Emilio, in the process. Emilio ends up not only being the love of her life, but who is the driving force behind Gloria’s singer/songwriter talents.

The whole musical is easy to follow and filled with nicely timed musical numbers. There’s moments of huge emotion, like when Gloria’s father (who suffered paralysing multiple sclerosis) sings to her.

Heartbreak just keeps on coming when Gloria sustains a broken back in a tour bus accident, no-one know if she was going to walk again.


But all these odds aside, her story stands solid in telling the tale of how hard it is to be an immigrant, even in a country of immigrants like America.

For example, how hard Emilio and Gloria Estefan had to fight just to release a song in English, a language they spoke. Bonkers.

It’s not easy to be different and stand up and follow your dreams, even in the quintessential land of (American) dreams.

It wasn’t in the 80s and it still isn’t now. Mghhh.

It’s heartwarming to share Estefan’s uplifting story of her battle against all different kinds of odds and enjoy her hits, yes, but for the rest. Beautiful.


On Your Feet! is at Milton Keynes Theatre 11 – 15 February 2020

For full transparency, tickets to the show were kindly gifted to me from Milton Keynes Theatre.