MK Food & Leisure Awards 2017

The winners, the food and how many glasses of fizz!?

Mused – The Uprising of a fine tribute band

Everyone is probably sick of hearing it, but I’ll say it again and again and again. I am a girl who is mad about Muse. From Showbiz to Drones and everything in between (yes, even the Twilight stuff… shhhh!). So when I heard that Mused, a Muse tribute band were coming to perform in MK at MK11 – Live Music Venue I was a very happy Bou.

Going to see any tribute band is going to turn anyone a bit judgemental. Let’s call it a Simon Cowell-esque trait that appears in even the most sensitive of us. Tribute bands aren’t just about performing someone else’s songs, they are walking, singing, performing replicas of the real deal, the band you obsess over and memorise every tiny detail and because of that, people are ruthless in their opinions on them.

Mused have a harder job than most. Muse are undoubtedly a hard act to imitate. Muse’s frontman Matt Bellamy is 100% unique, his understated very British awkwardness, heartbroken voice that seems capable of hitting any note required and his musicianship on the guitar and piano are awe inspiring. Carl, the Matt Bellamy of Mused takes each aspect in his stride, the vocals and guitar skills are admirable. He’s not Matt Bellamy but if you have a drink and give your eyes a squint, he’s not doing a bad job at all – he’s even managed to master some of Bellamy’s famous mannerisms.

Let’s not forget Chris “Howard” on drums and Stu “Wolstenholme” on bass with some very good backing vocals. Little mention to Chris on drums who seriously reminded me of Daryl from The Walking Dead! Not a bad attribute at all. Forgive me for going off topic but don’t forget The Walking Dead is back for the last half of season six – tomorrow night at 9pm on Fox – yay!

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The band’s set list ❤

The set list was a dream. And for the £7 door price, it was money well spent. MK11 – Live Music Venue is a great place for gigs and nights out in MK. It’s the right size to be intimate without being cramped, a lovely courtyard (imperative for the fresh air socialising) and serves not just your usual run-of-the-mill booze, but some real ales too. Hubby was really impressed with the Blue Moon beer, it’s 5.4% so not to be drunken lightly, literally.

If tribute bands suit you and your budget then why not consider MK11 – Live Music Venue’s Beer & Music Festival this coming Easter March 25-27. It’s called a “Faux Festival” with tribute bands of the likes of Blink 182, Green Day, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, AC/DC, Coldplay and many more. MOST IMPORTANTLY it’s COMPLETELY FREE! Check out their event page on Facebook here.

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Hysteria to hit Milton Keynes on Friday (I want it now!)

Mused – The UK’s number 1 Muse tribute band are playing MK11 – Live Music Venue on 12.02.16


As one of Muse’s biggest fans ever. I cannot wait to see them live in April for the umpteen millionth time. The chance to kick back on a Friday night at my most favourite music venue in MK and see what to make of MUSED who claim to be the best Muse tribute in the country is an exciting prospect!

If Muse is one of your favourites, then come along and find me! Tickets are a mere £6.00 and are available online or on the door. Check out MK11’s event page on Facebook here.

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