Miracle on Wellingborough Road

Finding a super-friendly craft beer shop, attending the VIP launch of Heavenly Desserts, discovering British tapas AND THE BIGGEST MIRACLE! All in one visit to the Wellingborough Road Happy 2018 everyone! I can't believe it's January (don't we all say that?). December disappeared faster than a box of Lindt balls and here we are- my [...]

Joining forces with MK1 Shopping Park!

  ARGH! This is such exciting times! The amazing retail and leisure park that is MK1 (that epic place that houses the Odeon IMAX and all those clothes shops...) asked me to join forces with them to help showcase my favourite picks of fashion, home and leisure that is on offer there! Whether I am browsing [...]

The long term effects of being bullied

Bullying can take form in many different ways. Some are obvious. Someone takes a dislike to someone else and makes it a habit of picking at them. Insults, maybe even physical violence. Some bullying can take place when it’s masqueraded as ‘harmless’ teasing. Making someone the butt of a joke over and over again but [...]