Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion & beauty inspo with a lil’ help from intu MK…


CLINIQUE. The iconic skin care and cosmetics brand that graces the floors of most department and high street beauty stores. Whether you know them for their pioneering 3 step skin care system, the allergen and perfume free formulas or their impressive range of skin friendly cosmetics. They have been helping millions achieve beautiful skin since 1968. So, what’s new in the 21st century?

I joined Clinique at their Debenhams counter in intu Milton Keynes this week for a masterclass and to find out…


Review: Essence All About Nudes Eye Shadow Palette + FREE Giveaway


Flicking through the September issue of Cosmopolitan I find myself engrossed in an article from beauty journalist Lucy Partington. 

In it she explains that before she became a beauty journalist, she lived with the assumption that when it comes to beauty, you get what you pay for. She isn’t the only one and I’m sure a lot of us are guilty of thinking “the higher the price tag, the more the product must be desirable, more efficient or superior” #MakeUpSnob. 

One particular product that caught my eye in disbelief was the mention of an eye shadow palette from a brand of makeup I had never heard of before called Essence. Stocked and sold at Wilko stores. 

Not too early to be excited for Halloween?!


Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s one of the best times of the year.

Now that the shops are starting to bring out their Halloween goods I can’t help but get excited about next month and Halloween 2016!