The Wild West at Frosts – Woburn Sands

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Squishee receives a lovely gift from Morrck

Squishee would like to say thank you to the lovely people at Morrck who kindly sent him one of their baby hoodie car seat blankets. 


Just over two weeks since the birth of our second son, I thought I would do a little update on how it’s going now we are a family of four.



It’s been forever and a day since I gave a pregnancy update and so much has happened and is set to happen, it feels good to just let some of it out. 

Aside from the standard pregnancy complaints; Insane heartburn, struggling to turn over in bed and backache that makes me limp, I have some very real reasons why I am praying the next eight weeks go smoothly, swiftly and why I can’t wait to hold our baby in my arms and just know “we did it”. 

#TuesdayTreats AFTER the orthodontist

Today has been a good day.

It started off with going to Wellingborough for my Invisalign check-up with Dr Resh Diu at his practice Oradi. 

Resh was happy with my progress. Next time I see him the whole Invisalign treatment will be finished! All that will be left is maintenance. 

I am a shocking 30 weeks into my Invisalign teeth straightening treatment with the Invisalign removable aligners and I only have 14 left. The whole treatment has been simple and very fuss free. 

Occasionally after switching to a new set of aligners I will get a slight teeth/jaw ache as my mouth gets accustomed to the new set but nothing unbearable and definitely nothing I can’t handle. 


New and improved smile is nearly there!

But YES! The end is nearly in sight. I am actually getting quite attached to the aligners. I don’t think they affect my talking at all anymore, which is something I was a bit conscious of when I first started (slight lisp… okay, a proper lisp) and as you know I am someone who loves their food so much, they haven’t interrupted my love of eating. 

The thought of trying to clean my teeth numerous times a day with fixed braces is a horror I daren’t think about. Being able to just click these Invisalign out to eat, brush and replace has been a breeze and no doubt a great habit for my teeth care. 

Speaking of food, after I got home from Wellingborough I was feeling particularly cheerful and hungry. So I took my son up to the centre:MK shopping centre in hunt of some tasty nourishment. 

Maybe not fine dining or anything to stop the press about but Pizza Hut buffet was what we opted for. If you have a toddler you will know that food that can be put in front of your child fast is paramount for a last minute lunch choice. George loved his Pizza Hut pizza, pasta and salad buffet and I must admit, it wasn’t too hard for me to swallow too. Heavy on the carbs and something I couldn’t eat frequently but still. Warm, cheesy, doughy goodness that warms your stomach.

On walking back up the centre:MK towards where I had parked the car. I saw Giovanni’s Downtown Gelato. A pink ice cream van shaped stand in the middle of the mall by Clarks Shoes and Build A Bear Workshop. 

With the temperatures quite high today and all that shopping mall walking and warm pizza in the tummy, how can you resist? 


I shared a two scoop ice cream with my little one that was covered in rainbow sprinkles.

FullSizeRender (77).jpg

The flavours were Oreo and Mallow, a mini marshmallow and fruity sauce combo. 

That was one tasty ice cream. I will definitely be back soon to try more of the dozen or more flavours they have proudly displayed in the window. 

So today has been all about treats! What has your day been about?