You know me, I love food. So, naturally events like MK Feast are right up my street. A celebration of local food, drink and independent traders from MK. Today at Bradwell Abbey I pulled up a straw bale, soaked up the atmosphere with the live music – oh, and demolished a whole load of tasty grub along with hundreds of other visitors. 



The Lush Kitchen is a place to be filled with wonder, to be amazed with special inventions or even to get your paws on retro Lush products that may have been discontinued for years. 


The Haunted House Gift Set was available to buy from the Lush Kitchen a couple of weeks before Halloween 2016. It’s filled with no less than five retro Lushoween products. Open the door if you want to come in and find out what’s inside…

Review: Lush Cosmetics Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bath Bomb

Somewhere Over The Rainbow bath bomb was a brand new product for 2016. An Oxford Street exclusive for the Easter 2016 range that popped up in the Lush Kitchen back in March. 

The morning it was released in the Lush Kitchen (same day as the Lush Tweet Bubble Bars) I sadly missed out on securing one. So how did it end up in my possession? Read on…

Review: Lush Cosmetics Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb

He’s got his eye on the perfect bath…


EEK! It’s that spooky time of year again! Halloween items are haunting my local Lush in Milton Keynes and I couldn’t resist bringing a few of the spooks home to see just how scarily good they are.  

Lush Milton Keynes Blogger Event – Pt. 1 Halloween Products

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again when a festive email drops into my mailbox inviting me to my local Lush shop for a fun-filled bloggers evening. 


Lush Milton Keynes at intu Shopping Centre

I absolutely adore the blogger events that Lush do, not only does it give me a chance to meet like-minded bloggers from around my local area but I adore seeing all the new products, getting hands on with them and demoing them. 

Lush Creative Showcase 2016

When I received an email from Kelly at Lush HQ with an invitation to the Lush Creative Showcase, I was absolutely flabbergasted. How could I refuse!?

With me being pregnant it took a little convincing for my husband but convince I did (MWAH) and off we went to London for two days.

…Two days that actually ended up being the two hottest in the entire month of September that London has seen for decades, PHEW! But anyway…