Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion & beauty inspo with a lil’ help from intu MK…

My night of steamy burlesque and scorching rockabilly

On Saturday night (28th) my husband along with myself and a group of friends had the pleasure of attending The Jump Joint, a 1950’s rockabilly evening put on by local events company Gin Fizz who are champions of vintage pop up club events.


The nights are always held at ‘secret locations’ as no-one truly knows where the next event will pop up next. My first Gin Fizz event was back in May and was a 1940’s knees up called The Spitfire Party. It was my first outing into fabulous world that is all things vintage (You can read all about it here).

So, tonight was all about 50’s rockabilly. Gritty, loud and beautiful 50’s style rockabilly with more edge than U2.


Stage all ready to go

My fabulous 50’s dress ‘Josefine’ came from none other than the amazing Lindy Bop, which I wore with a simple little cardigan. My husband was dressed in jeans, red plaid shirt and vest – my little redneck! hearteyesemoji 


Mr LouBou & I

The effort that the crowd of people who attend Gin Fizz put into their outfits is crazy. Everyone looked fabulous with petticoats, swing dresses and vintage hair do’s. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much dress envy in my entire life. Pretty dresses everywhere!

FullSizeRender (18).jpg

Miss Suzie Sequin – Hula style!

Entertainment wasn’t short of spectacular. Burlesque performances from Miss Suzie Sequin were so fun. Considering I’d never watched burlesque before, ever. I found it was actually very cheeky and very humorous. She did two performances, one was a hula theme and one was a Las Vegas theme. Both extremely entertaining and got the crowd roaring. From one girl to another, I have so much respect for someone who is so comfortable in their skin to be able to perform like that!

The live music for the evening came from The Excellos, a London born three piece vintage beat blues band. They blew the roof off of the place! Such energy, and grit, they got the whole place dancing. I turned around and saw people on the upstairs balcony dancing, on the dance floor dancing, by the bar… dancing! There’s nothing quite like seeing a band rocking a double bass too! I am now definitely one of their biggest fans.

The cocktails were delicious from the venue, Electric Social. My favourite was called ‘Bramble’ which was a mix of Beefeater Gin, Chambord raspberry liqueur, sugar syrup and fresh lemon juice and although I was too busy dancing to eat, the food that we did see being served looked great and definitely makes me want to go back on another day to try.


‘Bramble’ Gin Cocktails ❤

The next event from Gin Fizz? Who knows where and when they will pop up again and what decade they will invite us to? I will definitely be keeping a beady eye on their website and FB page. I secretly have my fingers crossed it’ll be a 1920’s soiree!

50’s dress 101 – emergency help for outfit choices!

Husband and I are super excited to be attending our first 50’s Jump Joint in Milton Keynes next Saturday (28th) with the promise of a famous blues band performing (The Excellos) and burlesque performances (Miss Suzie Sequin) and a beautiful host (Scarlett Royale) it is shaping up to be a fantastic night. My husband said to me the other day, “But what do you want me to wear?” and I must admit I pulled a blank expression back at him. 50’s rockabilly dress without spending a fortune? I had to do some research and I hope this can help some of you…

So you’ve agreed to go to that 50’s night and you know everyone is going to be dressed up in their finest 50’s gear. You’ve never been to a rockabilly night before and you’ve barely mastered the current decade’s fashion. What do you wear!?

It’s okay, don’t panic. Here’s a quick guide that can help you pull off the 50’s look with next to no stress!

Rockabillys (The men)

Blue jeans – most guys have a pair of blue jeans in their wardrobe. Failing that, no one is going to blink an eye if you’re in a different colour trouser.

A short sleeved shirt – can be plaid if you’ve got one, but any shirt will do. Wear a T-Shirt underneath or if you really can’t find a suitable shirt, just wear the T-Shirt and source some braces or a waistcoat for some serious rockabilly swagger.

On your feet – Converse, creeper shoes, boots. Whatever you wear, get ready to get your stomp on!

Finishing touches – Get your tatts out!


Why don’t you check out Pinterest for more inspiration fellas?

Rockabellas (The ladies)

Dresses – Polka-dots, striped swing dresses. Belted at the waist and lots of petticoats.

On your feet – Open toe heels or if you want to dance the night away don’t be afraid to rock up in your converse or dolly shoes.

Finishing touches – Red lips, rolled fringes, pigtails and headscarves are all acceptable!


Thanks to the LindyBop Facebook page

Ladies, if you want some seriously beautiful inspiration check out the Lindy Bop Instagram feed too

The Jump Joint is a 50’s rockabilly pop up club night in Milton Keynes on Saturday 28th November. They promise to take you to another time, where music reigns, dance is exhilarating and the performers dazzle. You can find out all about it here

My first visit to a Vintage Fair!

The rain was coming down harder than in a Buddy Holly track but people still turned out in droves for Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair at Stantonbury Leisure Centre today.

With dozens and dozens of vintage traders, a place to sit and have afternoon tea, as well as a beauty parlour, the place was alive with the buzz of activity.

This was my first visit to a vintage fair of any kind and I think I am hooked. Lou Lou’s Vintage Fairs are proud to boast three consecutive years of winning ‘Best Vintage Fair in the UK’ so I guess I chose a good one to visit as my first! There was so much to take in and look at. With stalls full of beautiful vintage jewellery, brooches and watches, to racks upon racks of vintage fashions. It was very fun to look around and try things on (I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many pretty dresses in one room before!).


I was quite impressed that my husband and my one year old son actually enjoyed the afternoon too. My husband being the anti-shopper he is, and understandably my energetic toddler who gets bored very easily. I am putting it down to all the quirky, unique things to look at. The pit stop in the lovely tea parlour also helped. Us adults enjoyed lovely, well brewed and very hot tea, presented as it should be, in proper china cups and saucers. And all of us enjoyed the home made cake, which was cut generously and very tasty.

Vintage afternoon tea and cake. Yes! 😍

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Despite the weather being as dire as it was, I still managed to buy one of my most favourite fashion accessories ever, sunglasses! All in all it has been a wonderful family day.

You can find out more about Lou Lou’s Vintage fairs including when the next one is on their FB page – Enjoy!

What’s on: Award winning Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair this weekend

After a lovely holiday in sunny Florida, I am back!

Now that autumn is here, the nights are drawing in and the weather leaves a lot to be desired. It’s good to know what events are happening in Milton Keynes and more specifically, ones that do not wholly rely on the weather.

If, like me you enjoy a bit of nostalgia, a bit of quirkiness and lots of pretty things, why don’t you head over to Stantonbury Leisure Centre this Saturday for Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair. Winner of the 2013, 2014 and 2015 ‘Best Vintage Fair in the UK’ award, they are sure not to disappoint. With a vast array of vintage fashion and home wares, as well as a vintage tea room (with the promise of proper cups and saucers!), beauty parlour AND vintage entertainment.


I’m thinking this will be an excellent opportunity for me to make a start on my Christmas shopping, so why don’t you join me? And maybe afterwards, I’ll see you in the tea room where I fully intend to indulge in tea and cake. NOM!


Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair
Saturday 24 October 2015
Stantonbury Leisure Centre
Entry is £2
(Under 12s free)

The Hot Cat Club is open for business!

Gin Fizz, the company who reignited Milton Keynes’ love of rock ‘n’ roll , jumpin’ jive, swing and a whole lot of vintage style are opening THE HOT CAT CLUB this Friday!


By popular demand, the creators of ‘The Jump Joint’ are bringing ‘The Hot Cat Club’ to MK Social in the Theatre District on the last Friday of each month.

Owner of Gin Fizz, Vivienne Doolan “We set up ‘The Hot Cat Club’ off the back of our successful ‘The Jump Joint’ events. There was a demand from our attendees who wanted to learn how to dance. We’ve held mini dance classes at ‘The Jump Joint’ events before, but we have now decided to develop this further into a stand-alone event. We are collaborating with dance pro’s ‘The Swingters’ of Bedford to create ‘The Hot Cat Club’ which will consist of a full dance class, followed by a record hop throughout the evening. This event will run on the last Friday of the month from our new venue MK Social. We will be excited to see Hot Cat participants show off their new dance skills at the upcoming Jump Joint event on 28th November 2015.”

The night starts with an exciting ‘When Rock ‘n’ Roll Met Swing Jumpin’ Jive’ dance class to show you exactly how to strut and bop with the best of them. After the class is finished, things are just getting warmed up. A record hop (their fancy word for informal dance) will keep you on your toes, whilst they spin Swing, Jive and Rock ‘n’ Roll classics until late.

Are you already a dab hand at dancing? You can opt for tickets with or without the dance class. Just check the Gin Fizz website for details.

Being held at MK Social, one of Milton Keynes’ newest and most exciting night spots means not only a fantastic ambience but a full bar service is available including a huge array of cocktails.

“The Hot Cat Club is open to all. Whether you want to come on your own or as a couple. Everyone is welcome and you will get the chance to meet all your fellow revellers for a dance.  No-one is left out.”

THE HOT CAT CLUB opening night is on Friday 25th September. Dance class starts at 7:30pm and the record hop will kick off from 8:30pm. Tickets including the dance class are £12 each. Entry without the dance class are only £8.

To secure your place you can purchase tickets on their website


Bank Holiday Bargains!

I absolutely love to shop. Especially for things for my home. What girl doesn’t? But I don’t mean for things that you can find in department stores or most run-of-the-mill high street home stores. I, like most people nowadays are in the hunt for something more interesting, more unique and altogether more fun.

Now there’s a quirky, little independent shop on the main road through Wolverton called Shirley’s Thrift Shop which is an absolute treasure trove of ideas and things you can fill your home with. Opened in March 2014, it’s now firmly established as the go to place in Milton Keynes for a quirky mix of vintage, antiques and bric-a-brac.

IMG_5096 IMG_5093 IMG_5065

Visiting this shop is an absolute pleasure. There’s so many items to see and lots to rummage around in and on bank holiday Monday my secret sources are telling me they are having a SALE so they can make room for more and more lovely stock. So even more reason to avoid the overpriced parking in the city. Shop local and see what treasures you could uncover at a great price. Take, for example this beautiful printer’s chest (below) that’s been marked down from £80 to £60!

IMG_5072 IMG_5073

I could imagine it given a new lease of life in a shabby chic kind of way and for that you’ll need PAINT. Shirley’s Thrift Shop have just become an official stockist of Everlong chalk paint, which requires no sanding or waxing – crazy! There’s a piece of furniture on show so you can see the hard-wearing finish and 20 shades to choose from so if restoring furniture and giving it a new lease of life is your thing – this could be your thing.

You’ll find Shirley’s Thrift Shop on Stratford Road in Wolverton. If you park in Tescos carpark (free parking) and leave by the stairs next to the entrance, you’ll find it right in front of you nestled between a takeaway and a beauty shop. Could not be easier to find but, if you do struggle there’s a handy map and contact details, as well as a whole ton of stock photos to get your imagination going on their website – 

Bank Holiday Monday Opening Hours 09:30 – 17:30